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Medical Intuition Reading

Medical intuition addresses the symptoms but ventures beyond, going to the source of an illness.

  • 2 hr
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Medical Intuition is a method of intuitive scanning to obtain information from the physical body and subtle bodies. Medical Intuition addresses the root causes of imbalance, to not only help promote physical wellness, but also emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. During our session, I will scan your auric field, and then do a full body scan with psychic perception that could be likened to 'x-ray vision, paying special attention to areas I am especially drawn. We will discuss what I am seeing and steps for healing will always be provided though Medical Intuition is not a substitute for comprehensive healthcare. However, it can and has been in many instances, a powerful and precise first step to profound healing. "Wow. The medical intuition session I did with nyoka was life changing. Without revealing any information to her, she was able to perceive a symptom that has been plaguing me for years, greatly affecting my quality of life. While a physical manifestation, she revealed to me its emotional roots. This connection alone felt like much needed validation. She then offered actionable advice to self-treat, which has been so empowering and honestly, so easy. After just one implementation of the tools she shared, the symptom I’ve suffered from for 7 years on a daily basis completely disappeared. And this is just one of the many issues she addressed! I can’t recommend nyoka’s medical intuition enough." - JF "My session with nyoka was enlightening and informative. She is so kind and made me feel very regulated and comfortable and the conversation was easy and enjoyable. Her insight with the auric field, especially in relation to emotional issues stored in my body, was spot on. We were able to work together to really uncover some emotions my body was holding and focus on areas that need work/connection/refinement. In the days following my session, I felt different both physically and mentally and was able to integrate even more information. nyoka was very open to hearing about these revelations and helped to clarify even more via message after the session. I left the session with clarity and several exercises to help improve my mental shielding as well as meditation/integration exercises. My session with nyoka initiated a lifestyle shift that I am still integrating. I am so grateful for her clarity, insight, and dedication to this work. If you're wondering if you should have a session with nyoka, you should." - KL [More reviews on reviews page]

Cancellation Policy

No refunds including cancelations. Sessions must be honored within two months from initial booking date for payment to apply. There is a $50 rebooking fee for no-shows.

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