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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anaïs Nin

I help multi-dimensional beings navigate their own transformation.

Hi, I'm nyoka.

You know that a human being's purpose is self-given.

You know that you are responsible for the life you're creating.


You're ready to deepen your understanding and application of this truth.


Transmissions are channeled sessions in which I interface with finer etheric aspects of your being. This includes spiritual beings who are intimately connected to you. The information in these sessions reflects many aspects of your life at once, weaving the past, present, and future into a complex tapestry. 



Work with me in close proximity. My 1:1 sessions are a unique and masterful blend of mentorship and a private class. This is a curated space for powerful collaboration where personal revelations arise naturally, and right on time. It will leave you wondering who you were before this work began. 


Tailored Guidance

Medical intuition accesses mental, emotional, and physical interconnections and retrieves the hidden aspects of ailments or disease that allopathic medicine cannot discern with laboratory tests and procedures. In these sessions, we will address the symptoms and venture beyond, going to the source of illness. 


You have something you want, or want to refine, or perhaps something is troubling you. It could be in one or multiple areas of life. Instead of consulting a self-help book, a friend, or your dad, you'd like to receive specialized suggestions from someone who can perceive the experience from an energetic perspective with a bird's eye view of how to navigate from precisely where you are right now.


Intuitive Consultation

Words of Affirmation


nyoka gave me the most intense, inspiring, and insightful intuitive reading of my life. The mixture of empathy, intuition, and intelligence she brought to my reading absolutely blew me away. Book with nyoka; you won't regret it!

Jade Rivera

My reading with nyoka was absolutely wonderful! I’ve had readings with other intuitives and psychics in the past, and they never felt completely genuine, specific enough, or overly helpful. nyoka was different. The information was accurate, resonant, and struck a chord deep in my soul. nyoka has a true gift; she is an authentic healer with the amazing ability to receive and give messages in an accurate, helpful, and caring way. I'll be doing more readings with her in the future. Thank you, nyoka!

Molly Johnson

nyoka has introduced me to a whole new world of healing and letting go of things that no longer serve me. It was the most incredible experience and with nyoka's gentle nudge I was able to see what is in store for the future.  She is amazing at receiving downloads and presenting them in the easiest way to understand. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. My time with nyoka is quite literally changing my life and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Noelle Mason

I found nyoka at a time in my life where I knew I was at a crossroads, yet I was awash with indecision and an overload of ideas. The first time I worked with her I was stunned by her intuition. Several events in my life unfolded in a way that directly mirrored the reading she gave me. I felt much better prepared to make the most out of my opportunities as a result, as well as being better able to keep obstacles framed in a positive growth mindset. I've received intuitive guidance before, but nyoka is unique in the sense that as intuitive and highly guided as she is, she doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the real life work involved in healing, growing, and advancement. 

She is a pleasure to work with, I feel completely comfortable sharing even the most private details of my life, knowing I won’t be judged but will be honored for my honesty.

She knows how to hold space for difficult emotions while being straightforward with her techniques of unblocking creativity, spirituality, and the material world.

Whether you are looking for a reading on a certain topic, or ongoing assistance with any growth areas you are trying to work on (from the mundane to the sacred), I highly recommend her.

Phoebe Holland-Kolb

Not only were her messages clear and resonate, but they were deeply loving and empowering, encouraging me to move courageously into the next phase of my growth. What a gift she has, of being a mirror into one’s innermost workings. I HIGHLY recommend nyoka for anyone seeking higher perspective on themselves. Thank you nyoka.

Michael Lott

Uncertain times often call for uncertain measures and it turns out those measures were just what I needed! I found nyoka through my sweet sister and I couldn't be more happy with the results I obtained by trusting nyoka as my spiritual advisor.  She guided me through a few tough spots in life such as losing my dad two years ago, career decisions,  being a single mother, and either cultivating or cutting back certain relationships in my life.


nyoka was able to use her abilities and knowledge to gently guide me towards the best path to take during these shaky times in my life and I couldn't be more grateful for knowing her. If you feel unsure or confused or lost nyoka will help you become grounded and sure of yourself once again over time. If you need reassurance and guidance she has both to cultivate and offer you!

Bethany Mallach

I would like to express how wonderful the experience of getting a reading from nyoka was for me. I asked a few questions that were of concern for me and all of them were answered in a way that far surpassed my expectations. I did not know nyoka at all but was referred to her by my son who thought that I would enjoy it. I felt an immediate bonding with her and very quickly felt the sense that the same Spirit that dwells in me, dwells in her.


I was very impressed with her ability to put into words the non-physical information that she had been given concerning my life. She described my life in such a way that gave illumination and clarity of the past and an accurate broader view of the future that resonated with me strongly. I would recommend her sincerely to anyone seeking a counselor truly connected with the Unconditional Love and Knowledge of all Creation.

Rebecca Naylor

My reading with nyoka was not only right on time but it was a breath of fresh air! I received not only a lot of confirmation, but guidance on things I needed to do personally & business wise all of which have changed my life in just a month’s time.


After the reading I left feeling light (almost a floating sensation) comforted & confident in the next steps I needed to take. If you’re looking for a light on your journey through life, spiritually or not or just simply seeking clarity, I recommend reaching out to nyoka. Such a beautiful, knowledgeable soul, filled with pure positive energy. I look forward to more readings with her in the near future!

Mila Davis

My first reading with nyoka was a few years back. I began monthly sessions in 2019 out of necessity, when I came to acknowledge the fact that I was in a crisis. I felt unsure and unstable because I was overwhelmed by having too many cups, too many thoughts pulling me in opposite directions. Through my sessions with nyoka, I was able to overcome obstacles that were standing in the way of my personal freedom of expression.


I was at a time in my life where I wanted a clear definition of my life purpose. Although I had many aspects of it underway, nyoka was able to bring a strong foundation of support that gave me the clarity I was so desperately seeking.


The on-going monthly sessions have provided a structure for allowing space for reflection as well as give defined dates for when certain energies will be present. Looking back on who I was even months ago, I have made amazing progress in my emotional well-being because of the loving intuitive support that nyoka has offered through this spiritual service.


We all spend time each day on certain self-care regimes but we often neglect our higher spiritual self. I believe anyone at any point in their life would benefit deeply by having a spiritual counselor.

Olivia Thompson

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