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The profound psychic experiences I had in early childhood set me on a lifelong path of spiritual study. Since then, I have devoted my life to cultivating my abilities as an intuitive and my knowledge in esoteric education to empower individuals from all over the world who are seeking truth, transformation, and to be fully alive.


I have over twenty years experience in the field of esoteric research and spiritual practice. In short, when it comes to esoteric research, I'm a millennial with the experience of a Gen Xer.

How is this possible? 


The profound psychic experiences I had in early childhood moved me to seek information in library books, websites, and people on and offline who were experiencing similar things.

At eight years old, I was requesting books from my local library on metaphysics among other subjects such as Greek philosophy, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and so forth.


At age ten, I was an active member of Psychic Students in Pursuit of Guidance or, one of the first forums for communal intuition development support to ever grace the internet.

Suffice it to say, I've been highly intuitive all my life.

My work today alights at the intersection of western mystical tradition and anthroposophy.

I am an advocate for spiritual science and am in no way associated with the New Age.


spiritually informed society is a sovereign society. We cannot change ourselves nor the world we live in to reflect harmony and soul-level satisfaction without a correct understanding of the spiritual realms from which all things originate. I am committed to the life-long pursuit of providing genuine spiritual education and thereby advocating for and investing in the future I want to see. I bring ancient wisdom to modern individuals who are here to bring it up to the times with the incredible lives they lead.



Human beings have the capacity to know far more than we have been led to believe. A hallmark of my work is paving the way for the realization in real time that we are not only capable of knowing beyond the limits both we ourselves and society has dictated, but that we are only truly alive when we are living in light of this fact.



We are here to evolve. Period. Nothing is exempt from this process and it's time we embrace that. Everything in existence has a spiritual origin. When we cultivate a rich spiritual life in which we are always in intimate connection with this truth, we naturally come fully into the process of evolution and begin to allow our innate divinity to dictate the direction we are taking. Precision is the new spirituality. If we aren't operating from the source, precision is not an option. I am here to guide the courageous, the open-hearted, and the true through their unique evolutionary arc.



Creative expression is the inevitable outgrowth of multi-dimensionality. The faculties we possess for art are inherently spiritual by nature. When we nourish our creative impulses, we nourish all of creation. This is why you will always find a creative element instilled in every facet of my work. It is one of the most joyful experiences a human being can have, to be immersed in creation.



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